Welcome to Maliyadeva College OBA

Opposite Athkanda Viharaya on Kandy Road,Kurunegala there stood a building about 150 x 30 consisting of a single hall with short walls.In it was a school having about 150 boys. The staff consisted of seven teachers of whom not one was a graduate. There were classes from the second standard to the J.S.C. No Science subjects were taught at all and of the languages only English and Sinhalese were taught. Volley Ball was the only sport and Scouting the only extra curricular activity.. The school a private (government assisted ) one under the management of the late Mr A.M.Abeygunarathne, Notary Public who spent a great deal of his time and money in maintaining and improving it. This was the picture of Maliyadeva College in the year 1930.